What is Anima-Mens-Corpus about?

Elias Felix Jr

Anima-Mens-Corpus is in Latin and means Soul-Mind-Body. It is what we are, and the intention of this site is to cover these aspects of our mankind nature, which was created in the image of our Divine Lord to fulfill our mission of temporal and eternal happiness.

I will feature selected content that will help you enrich your spiritual life, enhance your mental well-being, and improve your physical health during  your journey to our Heavenly Father.

My name is Elias Felix Jr and I am just a humble father with a concern for the ongoing loss of Morals and Values in our society. I sincerely hope that through this blog I can contribute my little grain of sand to improve the life of others in every corner of the world. And in doing so, also improve mine, for the greater glory of God.

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Thank you and God Bless you!