Red Wine every day Improves your Health

Do you enjoy a cup of good red wine every day, but hate to think about the calories it contains? A recent investigation has discovered that an antioxidant substance in red wine called Resveratrol, has similar benefits to your health to those of exercising.

The investigation, done by a research team from the University of Alberta, suggests that Resveratrol will especially help those persons not able to exercise. During some tests, the antioxidant improved physical performance, cardiac function, and muscular strength in the same way a gym session would.

A great variety of studies exist about the health benefits of red wine. Previous reports have revealed that those who drink a cup of red wine a day have fewer chances to develop dementia or cancer. It is also very good to keep a healthy heart; it slows age and regulates sugar levels in the blood, among other benefits. But this new study backs the fact that it also improves your cardiac rhythm.

“I think that Resveratrol could help patients that want to exercise, but because of physical limitations, they are not capable” explained the leader of the study, Jason Dyck. “Resveratrol could imitate exercise for them, or improve the benefits of the small amount of exercise they could do.”

For now, the effects have only been measured in rats. The next step in the investigation will be to test if Resveratrol pills have the same effect in diabetics with hearth problems to see if the natural compound could better the cardiac functions on those patients.

If you are not a fan of red wine, there are other aliments containing Resveratrol like blueberries, peanut butter, red grapes and dark chocolate. Remember to drink red wine with moderation, and that the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle is through a balanced diet.

The results have been published in: The Journal of Physiology.

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