The Pursuit of True Happiness – Part 2: It is a Choice

“One who is content with what one has is always happy.” – Chinese Proverb

Summarizing Part 1 of this article, we defined True Happiness as a supernatural and eternal value we come to possess after this earthly and temporary life. But we also mentioned that we can still be Happy in the process, every day of our life if we practice Gratitude and Charity, and even in the midst of suffering or under any other circumstances. Happiness, we said, is a choice that involves all of your spirit, your mind and your body. It is a conscious choice we are free to make every day of our life.

But wait! Making the right choices is not always an easy task. It usually requires knowledge of the subject and sometimes the good advice of a relative or friend. In this case, knowledge and control of yourself is also required to be able to make this choice; an ability which could really take some time to acquire. And like anything else, it requires daily practice to master.

Is good to know some of the factors that may influence your power to make the choice to be happy or not:


Can happiness be in our genes? Could it be inherited? Some studies and research looking for the “Happiness Gene” reveal that it is possible that our emotions could be linked to chemical messages in our cells and the organic balance of neurotransmitters in our brain. These are usually responsible for a lot of mental disorders which are currently and heavily present in our society. So yes, I think there is a genetic factor present in some families, or certain groups of people and it influences in the ability to be happy.


Just like there is a biologic factor in our genes which could be a handicap for our happiness, the prominent temperament in some people can also be a reason why they tend to be happier than others. The best way to have control over this is to know your temperament and become aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Know yourself first, and then you will be also able to identify the temperament in others.

Lack of Purpose

People without goals and objectives usually find it harder to be constantly happy. Ocious or idle people tend to worry more about the future than active people. It is very important to challenge the mind and be occupied to fight bad thoughts and temptation. It is during this time of inactivity or challenges that people start to feel sad and emptiness in their lives.


It is natural that when we are struggling with any disease, pain or physical discomfort, we are not very happy. Sometimes, there is nothing we can do about our health condition, or that of our family members. This is really a big factor when it comes to being happy or not.


We are social creatures and we live in families and neighborhoods and care for each other. So, when there is something wrong going on for the persons around us, for the people we care and love, it is more difficult to be happy.

Against those factors, here is a list of things you can start doing every day to have more control of yourself and be able to make the right choice to be Happy:


Each and every one of us is unique as God created us. He gave us particular characteristics and talents to fulfill our purpose. We owe him daily gratitude and praise in fervorous adoration. Pray and honor God’s Will every day, aknowledge Him in every thing you do and you will be happier during your life.


The habit of good reading will make you a better and happier person, more knowledgeable and with a better understanding of subjects of interest. Select good books about personal improvement and fundamental values to forge your character and improve your judgment. I strongly suggest the reading of the book “[ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”B0008851T4″ titlewordcount=”3″]The Four Temperaments[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip]” by Rev. Conrad Hock. It will give you a lot of information to identify your own temperament and that of the people around you.


When you get anxious, you can go for a walk to relax and calm down. Also, after you have done that, the practice of writing is recommended. Happy people are usually successful people. And successful people usually keep a daily agenda where they write their appointments, their plans and strategies to keep advancing towards the completion of their goals and dreams.


Exercise and good nutrition are the best prevention to common disease and sickness. It will make you feel better and it usually doesn’t take a lot of time. The same way we take time to eat every day, we should take some time to do some physical activity to promote our health and feel happier.

It is not personal

One of “[ReviewAZON_Tooltip asin=”1878424319″ titlewordcount=”3″]The Four Agreements[/ReviewAZON_Tooltip].” It is difficult to adopt but if you master the art of not taking anything personal, regardless of what is being said or done to you, you will be one of the happiest persons on earth. At the end, it is really only about you. Get to know yourself really good, always try to serve and help others no matter what, and never take somebody else’s actions or words personal.

“The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: he or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”

Some people are unhappy for reasons of the past, or for some coming events or uncertainties of the future. Depression, some say, is a lot of thinking about the past, and Anxiety is a lot of thinking about the future. There is nothing to do about the past. We all make mistakes, we lose loved ones over time and what is done is gone. For the future we don’t need to worry much if we take care of the present. If you are really happy today, all your actions will pave the way to a happier tomorrow.

There is no progress without struggle; there is no victory without a fight. We are living to reach True Happiness at the end of our temporary lives, and we can be happy about that in any situation along the way. It is your choice to make!


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