Why God Wanted to Become a Child

Why God wanted to become a Child and be conceived in a woman’s womb if He was able to take a male human body, just like He formed Adam’s body?

These were the reasons:

Love, Humility and Mortification.

1. To become similar to us, all His brothers (Heb. 2:17), and make us love Him more dearly. How lovely is God who keeps us within Him like a mother! Who has forced you into a child within Thy mother’s entrails? Thy Love, without a doubt, is the reason, and Thy great wish to be loved, so that if we don’t love you for Thy Greatness as our God, we will love you for Thy Tenderness as our God Child.

2. The second reason was, to give us an example of humility, so that we embrace it when we see with our eyes of Faith, the same God of majesty become a little child, and He who is omnipresent in Heaven and earth, narrowed into a woman’s womb. Like that, comparing the Greatness of God with this smallness, I will break into feelings of admiration and imitation, saying to this Lord: Oh Divine Word, Thou rest as God in Thy Father’s immense lap, and as men, Thou locked Yourself in Thy mother’s little interior, enlighten the eyes of my soul, so that considering Thy Holy Greatness in one side, and Thy Holy Littleness on the other, I venerate Thy Divine Greatness with tremor and embrace Thy Littleness with humility!

3. The third reason was, to give us example of Patience and Mortification as He suffered a horrible jail, dark and narrow of nine months, which is a woman’s womb. He stayed there tight, without the ability to move freely, not a hand, not a foot, without seeing, without hearing, without smelling, or tasting anything. And even if the other babies don’t feel this, because they don’t have a developed use of reason, but this Holy Child, being the Son of God, He had a perfect use of reason, He felt and suffered gladly that confinement and mortification, and deprivation of the senses to liberate us from the eternal jail and to pay for Eve’s liberty and crime, who went out in paradise and looked upon the forbidden fruit, and tasted it against the Divine precept; and furthermore to pay for our own liberty of our senses and to motivate us with His example, to accept mortification and suffering for His Love.

Let’s be grateful with the Divine Word Incarnate, for His entrance into the world, suffering such a narrow jail and long mortification of His flesh. By this, His mortification, let’s pray He keeps us away from the jail of vices, which lead us to the eternal jail of Hell. Let’s pray He helps us practice the mortification of our passions, stop the disordered use of our senses and to be meek and humble of the heart, like He showed us.

-Fr. Luis de la Puente


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